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Paternity Disputes

Verifying paternity is necessary for collecting – or being ordered to pay – child support, establishing visitation rights, and challenging adoptions. Typically, a DNA test is conducted through a blood test or swipe of the inside cheek of the alleged father. Once the results are obtained and recognized by the court, child support can be ordered, visitation arrangements put in place, or an adoption challenged. At Strauss & Hoyt, LLC we take all necessary steps needed for verifying paternity. Afterward, we can help you petition the court for child support payments or visitation rights. If an adoption is involved, we can initiate legal action to halt or reverse an adoption if you were not notified according to the requirements of the law.

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Paternity Disputes, Child Support, and a Father’s Obligations

Mothers interested in collecting child support for their children should also consider other benefits of establishing paternity. Once paternity is verified, the following kinds of legal rights and obligations go into effect:

  • Child support payments
  • Legal status as an heir of their father’s estate
  • Right to claim death benefits from their father under Social Security
  • Right to medical information for health care purposes
  • Right to medical coverage under father’s health benefits
  • Father’s salary included on financial aid applications

Establishing a Relationship with Your Child – Paternity and Visitation

For fathers who are interested in establishing a relationship with their children, paternity is the only way to obtain a court order forcing the mother of your children to grant you access to them. Once the results of your DNA test confirm that you are the father, you have a right to spend time with them – even if you have a criminal conviction.

If you learn that the mother of your child is giving your child up for adoption, a paternity test can provide you with the needed legal foundation for halting the adoption process. If your child has already been adopted, you may be able to reverse the adoption.

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