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Grandparent Rights

There are many issues that can arise regarding the rights of grandparents toward their grandchildren. The Lake county grandparent rights attorneys at Strauss & Hoyt, LLC can answer your difficult questions regarding whether or not a grandparent has rights to visitation, regardless of whether a couple is married or divorced.

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Grandparent Visitation Lawyers Serving the Waukegan and Libertyville Areas

The general rule for grandparents’ visitation rights is that if the couple is still married, they can control who gets to see their child and what is in their child’s best interests. If the parents are divorced, never married, one parent is in jail, or one parent has passed away, these rights can change.

At Strauss & Hoyt, LLC we have experience handling grandparents’ right while one parent is overseas serving our country as well. Family law rights change and become more complex when military veterans’ rights are involved. You can rely on us to answer your difficult questions and protect your interests throughout your family law matters.

Proving What Is in the Best Interests of the Child

Proving that grandparent visitation is in the best interests of the child falls on the grandparents to prove. This can be a very complicated task. We have experience on both sides of this litigation, fighting both for parents and grandparents. This unique perspective gives us insight in to how the other side will build their case, allowing us to create a solid claim for you from the start.

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