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Strauss & Hoyt, LLC focus exclusively in all family law matters.  Strauss & Hoyt pride themselves on being a small, community-based business with national recognition.  Our practice focuses on the areas of divorce, orders of protection, prenuptual and postnuptual agreements, guardianship, adoption, paternity, custody, child support, maintenance (alimony), parenting time (visitation), legal separation, and allocation of parental responsibilities (custody).  We are also certified family law mediators and often appointed by the court to represent children.

From zealous representation without the large firm pricing to writing laws in the state of Illinois to protect families and children, Strauss & Hoyt, LLC is razor focused on ensuring the best future for you and your family.  We understand that the decisions made in your family law case effect the rest of your life and we take that responsibility very seriously.

“The controls that you think you once had in your life have now spiraled out of control and are now in the hands of the courts. Without Strauss & Hoyt at my side, I do not know what I would have done. Their confidence and responsiveness was key and extremely valuable. They are not just attorneys with all the knowledge of the law. They are attorneys that care. As scary as situations arise during the divorce, Strauss & Hoyt would take the time to explain them to me because they were beyond my comprehension. Their extreme understanding and patience as I would ask the same questions or panic over things that seemed frightening to me. Schlesinger, Strauss & Hoyt would help me cope not just by listening to all my concerns but also giving me advice based on each situation as it arose. No matter how big or small the question or concern, they had an answer. . . I want to thank you, Schlesinger, Strauss & Hoyt for all your hard work and dedication that lead me through the most trying time of my life. No words, actions, or amount of money can ever repay all the things that you have done for me and my family.”

– Ramona C., Client
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