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Complex Divorce

There are many issues that can arise during a divorce that turn ordinary matters into very complex situations. That is why it is important to have our Lake County Illinois complex divorce attorneys in your corner to protect your rights. At Strauss & Hoyt, LLC our experienced family law attorneys know what it takes to prepare a solid case for you in order to be prepared for all issues that we may encounter.

If you are having concerns regarding valuable assets, custody matters, child support, alimony and other complicated divorce issues, please contact an Illinois high-asset divorce attorney.

Complex Marital Asset Division Divorce Lawyers Serving Lake County and the Chicago Collar Suburbs

At our Lake county Illinois family law firm, we understand the issues that can complicate your divorce, and we know how to resolve them. From handling issues involving the nature of your assets to matters regarding child custody disputes, you can rely on us to effectively navigate you through the system.

We have the skill set to assist all kinds of individuals and professionals with their complex divorce matters, including:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance agents
  • Accountants
  • Business owners
  • Corporate executives

We work hand-in-hand with accountants and financial experts to investigate the value of your assets and ensure the other side is not hiding anything from you.

Assets Acquired Prior to the Marriage

There are certain types of assets that can be separated out in a divorce, making them untouchable by the other party. Most times, if you have acquired property before the marriage or obtained an asset through gift or inheritance, the item is yours to keep. There are unique situations that can arise, such as with retirement accounts, that require the experienced eyes of a skilled attorney.

Our Lake County complex divorce lawyers will analyze your property and provide you with the aggressive representation you need to defend your rights.

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